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Artificial Intelligence,” by George Strawn (Jan 11)

Psychedelics,” by John Buchanan (Dec 13)

Can There Be a Civil Discussion about Vaccination?,” by Cliff Cobb (Dec 1)

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Cobb Institute

Interfaith Explorations: Spirit and the Movies

After we see a film (a movie, a documentary, a super bowl advertisement) we are inwardly moved. We wonder to ourselves: How did it inspire me? Challenge me? Move me? What did I learn from it? What questions does it raise for me? It is especially meaningful if we can discuss this with others – we grow through this discussion. In this eight-week session, we will make use of films and their reviews as springboards for our own soulful reflections.

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Cobb Institute

Beauty & Process Theology Course

In this four-session course, Patricia Adams Farmer will elucidate a Whiteheadian-inspired theology of beauty with a view to deepening understanding, enriching spirituality, encouraging an ecological vision, and nurturing hope.

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Claremont Process Nexus

Merry Christmas!

Hi! I am Dr. Lília Marianno Director of Eagle Knowledgement Management and also Director of Afaga Diversity Management. Today I want to tell you my Christmas wishes.

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Cobb Institute

Whitehead & Jung Course

In this six-session course, Dr. Sheri D. Kling will guide students through the deep resonances between the philosophy of organism of Alfred North Whitehead and analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung to show what these two great thinkers have in common and why we need them now more than ever.

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Northwind Theological Seminary - Doctoral Program in Open and Relational Theology

New Podcast: ORT Shorts by Thomas Jay Oord

This podcast offers 3-minute short episodes — “shorts” — on this perspective on God. Episodes offer insights, inspiration, and information, and a few are posted each week. Dr. Thomas Jay Oord hosts this podcast.

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Introducing “Critical Conversations”

Dear Nexus Members, In February this year I began sending periodic letters to the representatives of our member organizations to keep them apprised of the latest developments and activities. Now that our members include both organizations and individuals, these letters

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Thinking More Ambitiously

Dear CPN Friends, I have held up on writing you recently because I don’t want to distract from specific planning for the meeting on October 2 at 10 PST. However, I am excited about overall developments and want to share

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Why the Center for Process Studies Supports the Nexus

For roughly 50 years Claremont, California has been home to a family of process people. For half a century, students, scholars, ministers, and more have been drawn together by a process-relational worldview for the common good and Claremont had served as a nexus for this community.

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Letter From John Cobb – July 27, 2021

Dear Friends, I hope that, by the time you get this, you have spent some time with the new platform. Richard is counting on your help in improving it and adding information before we open it up to the wider

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