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Flagstaff College
March 24, 2022

Cultivating an Active Heart in Community Reading Action Group from Flagstaff College

Flagstaff College and the Center for Process Studies invite you to join a community reading-action program focused on the power we have individually and together to make social change. Beginning the week of March 21st, you can join a reading group in person or virtually, or simply register for the zoom presentations. We’ll give you access to a set of reading materials and video zoom links. Guest presenters include climate activist Tim de Christopher, youth poet laureate of Santa Fe and climate activist Arte Romero y Carver, Dine environmental justice organizer Carol Davis, and author-organizer Paul Engler. Reading-action groups begin in March and run through April.

  • Flagstaff College

    Flagstaff College is a process-grounded micro-college located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Founded on the urgent need to learn to live in ways that are life-affirming and responsive to the ecological threats facing our world today, we focus on a single major in "Sustainability and Social Change" and on how to put ideas into practice.