Flagstaff Reading Action Group - This Changes Everything
Flagstaff College
November 8, 2022

This Changes Everything 3.5% Community Reading-Action Project

Join Flagstaff College for a 5-week community reading-action program focused on Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. In-person and virtual groups available. Or just sign up to zoom with us. Program begins the week of November 14th.

Do you want to know more about the relation between climate change and economics? Do you want to read in conversation with others and engage in social change? This is a 5-week reading-action community program designed to deepen our understanding and strengthen our engagement. You can join an in-person or virtual conversation or just sign up for the two zoom gatherings with guest speakers, David Korten, founder of Yes! Magazine, and Mark Anielski, consultant on the Economics of Happiness.

  • Flagstaff College

    Flagstaff College is a process-grounded micro-college located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Founded on the urgent need to learn to live in ways that are life-affirming and responsive to the ecological threats facing our world today, we focus on a single major in "Sustainability and Social Change" and on how to put ideas into practice.