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RE: Start an ORT Online Church?

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I've been dreaming about what it might look like to start an online Open and Relational Theology (ORT) church.

Many fans of ORT and Christian process thought will send me notes asking for recommendations of churches in their area. I do my best to link them. But it's difficult. What if there was an online Church I could connect them to?

Of course, there are disadvantages a fully-online church faces. It wouldn't be for everyone. But there are also advantages. 

What if this online church had three major functions:

1. Operated as an online community pursuing ORT ideas from a Christian perspective? (with worship services, small group discussions, service projects, sermons, pastoral staff, activism, and so on)

2. Provided ORT resources for leaders in ORT and ORT-leaning in-person churches?

3. Used technology to link in-person ORT churches with people who want an in-person ORT experience? Like a massive database.



Thomas Jay Oord

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I think this is a fascinating idea.  I wonder if the Christian team of Process and Faith might like to explore it, too.  Either way, I think there's really a market (need) for it.