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Local entrepreneurs and beloved economies: process philosophy in action

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"If it hasn’t been clear before now — the world needs entrepreneurs, more than ever! Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, innovators, and fundamentally people who feel and hear the needs of their communities, and find a way to respond. In the face of this great moment that calls us, we all need to dig deep, to remind ourselves of our deepest purpose, and then to re-imagine the rhythms of creativity and rest that can provide balance.' 

- Alex Forrester, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer/Co-founder Rising Tide Capital

The work of Alex Forrester and Alfa Demmelash is featured in this page in Open Horizons as a prime example of what it can mean to practice process philosophy and help build, in their words, "beloved economies."  Take a look and add your own ideas.  Alex is a member of the Process Nexus.