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EcoCovenant Academy

EcoCovenant Academy

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EcoCovenant Fellowship Intl. and Sustainable Environmental Care Projects - India

The central mission of the EcoCovenant Fellowships and Sustainable Environmental Care Projects - India is to save humanity and the environment from impending climate catastrophes and destruction.

Covenant Fellowships are a network of grassroots movements of local, national, and international friends committed to a sustainable environment and human flourishing, irrespective of caste, creed, or color. EcoCovenant communities may be grassroots rural-agrarian villages, tribal groups, local congregations, fellowship groups, and urban neighborhoods of reconciling individuals and groups. The growing environmental crisis in India and elsewhere calls us to address the crisis as our missional calling.

  1. The purpose of the Academy is to train and raise local leaders who will grasp the vision for the Environmental Mission of the Church in India.
  2. ECA will explore all means available – electronic media, webinars, zoom meeting apps, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, arts, music, print media – for educating and training leaders/cadets/squads/volunteers for the EcoCovenant mission.
  3. The EcoCovenant Academy will jointly develop course contents in partnership with scholars and researchers at the Cobb Institute, Centre for Process Studies, Claremont Process Nexus, and their affiliates, and with the teaching staff at the participating Theological Schools and Research Centers in India. The day-to-day operations, design and development of the course curriculum, and administration of the program will be driven by local leaders.

We welcome everyone committed to the mission-vision of the EcoCovenant Academy to partner with us in sizing the ecological commonwealth.

Contact Information
Rev. Dr. Anand Veeraraj
EcoCovenant Academy & Sustainable Environmental Projects - India
1349 Nevarc Road, Warminster, PA 18974, USA
Mobile: +1-609-516-7696; Ph: +1-215-674-9405

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