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Cobb Institute
November 1, 2021

Whitehead & Jung Course

The Cobb Institute is proud to add a new course offering in its Learning Lab—Whitehead & Jung: Integrating Resources for a Fragmented World. In this six-session course, Dr. Sheri D. Kling will guide students through the deep resonances between the philosophy of organism of Alfred North Whitehead and analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung to show what these two great thinkers have in common and why we need them now more than ever.

What Sheri Kling says about the topic of this course:

The fragmentation I see around us in American culture (and even beyond) is distressing. We see that we are split from each other societally, huge swaths of us are lonelier than ever before, and we are fragmented within – sometimes even at war within ourselves. I believe strongly that the cultural story we are immersed in, the dominant Western worldview, sadly fosters that fragmentation.

How can we hope to come to a place of wholeness? How can we change our relationships with each other and with the very earth that we depend upon?

I think the only way is to find a new story – one that is whole-making, one that integrates us at all levels. I find such integrating resources in the work of Alfred North Whitehead and Carl Gustav Jung. They tell us that at the levels of the cosmos and of the psyche, Reality is marked by three primary characteristics: it is relational, is it marked by value, and it fosters transformation. When we understand this at a deep level, and experience that Reality for ourselves through sacred encounter, we learn that we matter, we belong, and we can experience positive change. This is a deeply hopeful message.

Class begins on November 2nd. Live sessions will take place online via Zoom on Tuesdays at 4:30 – 6:00 PM Pacific, and will be recorded and made available to participants.