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Cobb Institute
January 3, 2022

Beauty & Process Theology Course

Begin the new year with a restorative immersion in beauty from a process perspective. In this course you will discover the God “who dreams of beauty” with themes that include: the Art of Beauty, Soul Beauty, Tragic Beauty, Moral Beauty, Natural Beauty, and the Beauty of Hope.

If you’ve always wanted to learn about process theology but were afraid it might be too cerebral, this course can be a fresh portal for both mind and spirit. If you are an artist or nature lover who seeks a theology of beauty—even a beautiful God—you will find refuge here.

Process writer and theologian Patricia Adams Farmer offers ideas to ponder, visuals to inspire, and questions to enliven conversation. On these Thursday afternoons in the dead of winter, you can sip on a hot cup tea in your favorite chair while enjoying a warm circle of fellow seekers of beauty.

Four Online Sessions
Thursdays @ 1:00 – 2:30 PM PST
Begins January 6, 2021


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